Elegant Vintage V Neck Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses Beads Lace Wedding Gowns Back Cut Out Bridal (awesome Wedding Dresses With Lace Back Cut Out #5)

Photo 5 of 6Elegant Vintage V Neck Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses Beads Lace Wedding  Gowns Back Cut Out Bridal (awesome Wedding Dresses With Lace Back Cut Out  #5)

Elegant Vintage V Neck Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses Beads Lace Wedding Gowns Back Cut Out Bridal (awesome Wedding Dresses With Lace Back Cut Out #5)

6 photos of Elegant Vintage V Neck Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses Beads Lace Wedding Gowns Back Cut Out Bridal (awesome Wedding Dresses With Lace Back Cut Out #5)

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      19. cut or  chop down to size, to reduce the stature or importance of: The novelist had a big ego until the critics cut him down to size.
      20. cut in: 
        • to move or thrust oneself, a vehicle, etc., abruptly between others: A speeding car cut in and nearly caused an accident.
        • to interpose;
          interrupt: to cut in with a remark.
        • to interrupt a dancing couple in order to dance with one of them.
        • to blend (shortening) into flour by means of a knife.
      21. cut it, [Informal.]
        • to achieve or maintain a desired level of performance: The aging football player decided he couldn't cut it any longer and retired.
        • to be effective or successful;
          satisfy a need.
      22. cut it out, [Informal.]to stop doing something: That hurts! Cut it out!
      23. cut no ice. See  ice (def. 10).
      24. cut off: 
        • to intercept.
        • to interrupt.
        • to stop suddenly;
        • to halt the operation of;
          turn off.
        • to shut off or shut out.
        • to disinherit.
        • to sever;
      25. cut out: 
        • to omit;
        • to oust and replace a rival;
        • to part an animal from a herd.
        • to plan;
          arrange: He has his work cut out for him.
        • to move out of one's lane of traffic.
        • Also,  cut on out. to leave suddenly.
        • to refrain from;
          stop: to cut out smoking.
        • (of an engine, machine, etc.) to stop running.
      26. cut up: 
        • to cut into pieces or sections.
        • to lacerate;
        • to distress mentally;
        • to play pranks;
          misbehave: They got scolded for cutting up in church.

      1. that has been subjected to cutting;
        divided into pieces by cutting;
        detached by cutting: cut flowers.
      2. fashioned by cutting;
        having the surface shaped or ornamented by grinding, polishing, or the like: cut diamonds.
      3. reduced by or as if by cutting: cut whiskey; cut prices.
      4. incised;
      5. castrated;
      6. drunk.
      7. cut out for, fitted for;
        capable of: He wasn't cut out for military service.

      1. the act of cutting;
        a stroke or a blow, as with a knife, whip, etc.
      2. the result of cutting, as an incision, wound, passage, or channel.
      3. a piece cut off: a cut of a pie.
      4. a share, esp. of earnings or profits: His agent's cut is 20 percent.
      5. a haircut, often with a styling.
      6. a reduction in price, salary, etc.
      7. the manner or fashion in which anything is cut: the cut of a dress.
      8. style;
        kind: We need a man of his cut in this firm.
      9. a passage or course straight across or through: a cut through the woods.
      10. an excision or omission of a part.
      11. a part or quantity of text deleted or omitted.
      12. a quantity cut, esp. of lumber.
      13. a refusal to recognize an acquaintance.
      14. an act, speech, etc., that wounds the feelings.
      15. an engraved plate or block of wood used for printing.
      16. a printed picture or illustration.
      17. an absence, as from a school class, at which attendance is required.
      18. [Butchering.]part of an animal usually cut as one piece.
      19. [Cards.]a cutting of the cards.
        • the act of cutting a ball.
        • the spin imparted.
      20. [Fencing.]a blow with the edge of the blade instead of the tip.
      21. one of several pieces of straw, paper, etc., used in drawing lots.
      22. [Motion Pictures, Television.]
        • the instantaneous or gradual transition from one shot or scene to another in an edited film.
        • an edited version of a film. Cf. rough cut, final cut.
        • an act or instance of editing a film.
      23. an individual song, musical piece, or other similar material on a record or tape.
      24. any product of the fractional distillation of petroleum.
      25. a cut above, somewhat superior to another (thing, person, etc.) in some respect: Her work is a cut above anyone else's.


      out (out),USA pronunciation adv. 
      1. away from, or not in, the normal or usual place, position, state, etc.: out of alphabetical order; to go out to dinner.
      2. away from one's home, country, work, etc., as specified: to go out of town.
      3. in or into the outdoors: to go out for a walk.
      4. to a state of exhaustion, extinction, or depletion: to pump a well out.
      5. to the end or conclusion;
        to a final decision or resolution: to say it all out.
      6. to a point or state of extinction, nonexistence, etc.: to blow out the candle; a practice on the way out.
      7. in or into a state of neglect, disuse, etc.;
        not in current vogue or fashion: That style has gone out.
      8. so as not to be in the normal or proper position or state;
        out of joint: His back went out after his fall.
      9. in or into public notice or knowledge: The truth is out at last.
      10. seeking openly and energetically to do or have: to be out for a good time.
      11. not in present possession or use, as on loan: The librarian said that the book was still out.
      12. on strike: The miners go out at midnight.
      13. so as to project or extend: to stretch out; stick your tongue out.
      14. in or into activity, existence, or outward manifestation: A rash came out on her arm.
      15. from a specified source or material: made out of scraps.
      16. from a state of composure, satisfaction, or harmony: to be put out over trifles.
      17. in or into a state of confusion, vexation, dispute, variance, or unfriendliness: to fall out about trifles.
      18. so as to deprive or be deprived: to be cheated out of one's money.
      19. so as to use the last part of: to run out of gas.
      20. from a number, stock, or store: to point out the errors.
      21. aloud or loudly: to cry out.
      22. with completeness or effectiveness: to fill out.
      23. thoroughly;
        entirely: The children tired me out.
      24. so as to obliterate or make undecipherable: to cross out a misspelling; to ink out.
      25. all out, with maximum effort;
        thoroughly or wholeheartedly: They went all out to finish by Friday.
      26. out and away, to a surpassing extent;
        far and away;
        by far: It was out and away the best apple pie she had ever eaten.
      27. out for, aggressively determined to acquire, achieve, etc.: He's out for all the money he can get.
      28. out from under, out of a difficult situation, esp. of debts or other obligations: The work piled up while I was away and I don't know how I'll ever get out from under.
      29. out of: 
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        • beyond the reach of: The boat's passengers had sailed out of hearing.
        • not in a condition of: out of danger.
        • so as to deprive or be deprived of.
        • from within or among: Take the jokers out of the pack.
        • because of;
          owing to: out of loyalty.
        • foaled by (a dam): Grey Dancer out of Lady Grey.
      30. out of it, [Informal.]
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        • not conscious;
          drunk or heavily drugged.
        • not alert or clearheaded;
        • eliminated from contention: If our team loses two more games, we'll be out of it.
      31. out of sight. See  sight (def. 19).
      32. out of trim, (of a ship) drawing excessively at the bow or stern.

      1. not at one's home or place of employment;
        absent: I stopped by to visit you last night, but you were out.
      2. not open to consideration;
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      3. wanting;
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      1. begone! away!
      2. (used in radio communications to signify that the sender has finished the message and is not expecting or prepared to receive a reply.) Cf.  over (def. 61).
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      4. [Baseball.]a put-out.
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      6. something that is out, as a projecting corner.
      7. [Print.]
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        • the word or words omitted.
      8. [Northern Brit. Dial.]an outing.
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      1. to go or come out.
      2. to become public, evident, known, etc.: The truth will out.
      3. to make known;
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      1. to eject or expel;
      2. to intentionally expose (a secret homosexual, esp. a public figure).


      brid•al (brīdl),USA pronunciation adj. 
      1. of, for, or pertaining to a bride or a wedding: a bridal gown.

      1. a wedding.
      2. [Archaic.]a wedding feast.
      bridal•ly, adv. 

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